A Faustian Gala Night

Gala night

You don’t have to make a pact with the devil to join us for Bath Opera’s special Gala Night performance of Faust on Saturday 22 February…

A limited number of special tickets are being made available for the final performance of Gounod’s Faust. For a supplement of just £15 on top of the standard ticket price you can:

  • join us for the special Gala Night Reception
  • introductory canapés and Prosecco
  • hear an introduction to Gounod’s Faust by Bath Opera’s patron, distinguished operatic soprano Isobel Buchanan.

Buy tickets for the Gala Night Reception by calling Jane’s hotline on 01935 475219

Isobel Buchanan

Bath Opera is highly privileged to have Scottish soprano Isobel Buchanan as its patron. 

Her career from the 1970s led to perform some of the greatest solo roles in the repertoire alongside the biggest names in the operatic world.

Hear from Isobel herself at this Gala Night reception when she will talk about her life in opera and set the scene for the final performance of Bath Opera’s Faust and its gripping story of a man hell bent upon winning his heart’s desires at any cost, even his soul…

Standard price tickets are still available for all three performances on 20-22 February at the lovely Roper Theatre at Upper Oldfield Park in Bath.

Faust 2020

Bath Opera: Gounod’s Faust 

Faust:  Robert Felstead
Mephistopheles:  John DesLauriers
Marguerite:  Hannah Drury
Valentin:  Richard Fitzsimmons
Siebel:  Harriet Kirk
Wagner:  Edward Harper
Marthe:  Gill Clark

Musical Director:  Rupert Drury
Stage Director:  Dave Key-Pugh

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