Be part of Bath Opera’s Summer 2024 tour

Mozart’s Don Giovanni

Mozart’s ‘Don Giovanni’ will be Bath Opera’s summer tour in June and July 2024. Directors will be Dominic Irving (MD) and Harvey Evans (Stage Director). Auditions will be held at 2pm on the 3rd of December 2023 at Widcombe Junior School, Pulteney Rd, Bath, BA2 4JG.

Please complete an audition form and return it before the 3rd December 2023.

Audition information

About the production 

Mozart’s Don Giovanni blends thrilling high-stakes drama with moments of comedy and tragedy. The tale follows Don Giovanni, our unrepentant libertine who uses women for fleeting moments of sexual pleasure with or without their consent. Over the last few years following the rise of the #MeToo campaign and the imprisonment of notorious scoundrels like Epstein and Weinstein, the parallels between Don Giovanni and the contemporary world are clear, despite the opera being over 200 years old. This modern production will seek to expose Don Giovanni for the monster he is, but before being brought to justice, a greater power will claim his soul as vengeance for his wicked deeds.

Performances of Don Giovanni will be at 7.30pm at the following venues:

  • Strode Theatre, Street – June 28th
  • Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, Bath – June 29th
  • Great Chalfield Manor (near Bradford-on-Avon) – July 5th and 6th
  • The Memorial Hall, Wincanton – July 12th and 13th
  • Prior Park College – July 19th
  • Private performance at Pyrford, Surrey – July 20th

PDF’s of the arias can be found below.

We will be using the Schirmer Edition with the English Libretto by Amanda Holden.


For the Audition, please prepare the arias listed for your chosen role and one of the listed recits.

You may swap one of your chosen role’s arias for an English aria of your choosing from a different opera.


Bath Opera has open auditions. We are an amateur company that does not normally pay fees to singers. Successful auditionees may be required to join Bath Opera for 2023-24. Please see our audition protocol.

Audition pieces and character descriptions

Don Giovanni (Baritone)

He is the archetype of a rich and powerful man who oozes charisma. His interactions and promiscuous activities leave a wake of destruction and misery whilst he takes what he wants with little compassion or empathy. His life of debauchery comes to an end when the vengeful ghost of the Commendatore drags him to hell. 


  • 11 (“Finch’han dal vino”)
  • 16 (“Deh vieni alla finestra)


  • 8 bars preceding No. 11
  • 10 bars of “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Questa è buona!” (p. 240) (or more if desired)

Download audition pieces for Don Giovanni here.

Leporello (Bass)

Don Giovanni’s servant is obedient and dutifully bound to do his master’s bidding. He works the front desk at Don Giovanni’s Hotel and picks up the pieces after his master. Leporello disagrees with his master’s choices but cowardly refuses to oppose him. When will enough be enough?


  • 4 (“Madamina!”), optionally stopping just before the Andante con moto.
    Alternatively, sing from Andante con mototo the end.
  • 20 (“Ah, pietà!”)


  • 9 bars preceding No. 4
  • Page 232-233 (“Amico, per pietà) (18 bars)

Download audition pieces for Leporello here.

Donna Anna (Soprano)

Anna is an independent and strong young woman. During the overture, she is raped by Don Giovanni who then kills her father during his escape, leaving Anna traumatised and anxious. Despite not seeing her attacker’s face, her strength makes her fiercely determined to avenge her father with help from her partner, Ottavio.


  • 10 (“Or sai, chi l’onore”)
  • 23, The main aria (starting from Larghetto, stopping just before Allegretto moderato)


  • 17 bars preceding the aria of No. 10 (starting at “Allora rinforzo”)
  • 2 (“Ma qual mai s’offre”) stopping at “io moro!” (top of p.22)

Download audition pieces for Donna Anna here.

Ottavio (Tenor)

He is the opposite of Don Giovanni and is a loyal and devoted partner to Donna Anna. His love for Donna Anna spurs him to lead the charge against Don Giovanni in a quest for vengeance.


  • 10b (“Dalla sua pace”) (N.B. we may cut this in the actual production)
  • 21 (“Il mio tesoro”)


  • 10 bars preceding No. 10b (“Come mai creder”)
  • Recit preceding No. 23

Download audition pieces for Don Ottavio here.

Donna Elvira (Soprano)

She was Don Giovanni’s bride-to-be before he suddenly disappeared. Elvira’s determination enables her to find Don Giovanni, only to discover he is a trickster and cheat. Despite his wicked ways, she might be the only person who has ever truly loved him. She also prevents others from falling victim to Don Giovanni’s deceit.


  • 3 (“Ah! Chi mi dice”), optionally stopping at the top of p.35
  • 8 (“Ah! fuggi il traditore!”)


  • 11 bars preceding No. 5
  • 172 “Ecco mi a voi”

Download audition pieces for Donna Elvira here.

Zerlina (Soprano)

A boisterous young maid of low status who is preyed on by Don Giovanni. She is smart and aware of her surroundings and the dangers of the world.


  • 12 (“Batti, batti, o bel Massetto”), optionally stopping before the 6/8 section.
  • 18 (“Ved’rai, carino”)


  • Recit preceding No. 12
  • Recit preceding No. 18 (starting halfway down p.183 – “Di sentire”)

Download audition pieces for Zerlina here.

Masetto (Bass)

A hard-working man betrothed to Zerlina. At times he can be a little foolish, but he is always faithful to his love. 


  • 5, starting from M’s entrance (top of p.52), also singing the chorus parts.
  • 6 (“Ho capito”) (N.B. we may cut this in the actual production)


  • Recit preceding No. 12
  • Recit preceding No. 17

Download audition pieces for Masetto here.

Commendatore (Bass)

He is a grand, wealthy man. Whilst defending his daughter, Donna Anna, he is struck down in cold blood by Don Giovanni. At the end of the opera, he returns as a firm and powerful statue who drags Don Giovanni down to hell to pay for his sins.


  • The whole scene from the ghost’s entrance (Andante) to Don Giovanni’s death. (p.273-279), or as much as desired.

Download audition pieces for Commendatore here.