Bath Opera’s production of ‘The Merry Widow’ is on February 16th, 17th and 18th at 7.30pm.

at the Roper Theatre, Hayesfield School, Upper Oldfield Park BATH BA2 3LA.

Tickets are now on sale at , 01225 463362

The next fully staged production by Bath Opera will be ‘The Merry Widow’ by Franz Lehar, and will be presented at the Roper Theatre, Oldfield Park, Bath on the nights of February 16th, 17th, 18th 2023. The show will be conducted by Rupert Drury and directed by Alison Paine.

This promises to be a spectacular escapist Parisian romp with fabulous waltzes and tunes, and we are very fortunate to welcome Alison Paine as stage director alongside Rupert Drury as Musical Director and Conductor. Alison (pictured) brings many years of directing experience of plays and musicals, and she is looking forward to her first operetta! We are also delighted to welcome Alison’s husband Anthony Paine as Designer, Hayley Fitton-Cook as Choreographer and Scarlett Hayler-King as Costume Designer.

Auditions were held in the last week of July and the cast is as follows: –

KEZIA ROBSON as Anna, Madame Glavary, the ‘Merry Widow 

CHARLIE MORRIS as Danilo, Count Danilovitsch  

PETER REDFERN as Baron Zeta, Pontevedrian Ambassador in Paris.

CAROLE LOCKWOOD as Valencienne, Baroness Zeta 

ROBERT FELSTEAD as Camille, Count de Rosillon, in love with Valencienne.

Njegus                  Michael Stevens                  

St Brioche             Chris Daniels                     

Cascada                 Peter Sutton                       

Kromov                Bob Constantine                

Olga                      Becky Holden                             

Bogdanovitsch       Richard Hunt                    

Pritzch                   Nail Kirkman                                       

Sylvia                    Naomi Heffer 

Praskovia              Hannah Crisp    


The ‘Grisettes’ at Maxim’s nightclub

Lolo              Naomi Heffer                                      

Dodo             Lydia Chalmers                                    

Jou-Jou          Yvonne Paulley 

Frou-Frou       Hayley Fitton-Cook                               

Clo-Clo      Georgina Bassil  

Margot        Billie Purchase

Alison said, “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you at the auditions and seeing you sing and act, and I am delighted with the quality of our principals. A warm welcome to Hayley and Scarlett too.  I am looking forward to working with you all.”